Thursday, October 22, 2009

Pigeon To Star in New Sitcom

FOX along with Warner Brothers distributions has announced they are canceling Michael Strahan's new sitcom "Brothers," and replacing it with "Pigeons," starring Pigeon himself.

On the show, Pigeon, a retired former pro football star, will move back in with his parents and handicapped brother after his money is taken by his attorney.

"It's essentially the same show as Brothers," said FOX preisdent Kevin Reilly. "However, Pigeon is much more marketable these days than Michael Strahan. We really want to get into the 18-49 demographic, and our focus groups are showing they want more Pigeon.

Raiders owner Al Davis was not concerned by the news.

"Pigeon is a very talented bird," said Davis. "There's no question that he will be able to balance football with mediocre television. However, I've seen him act before. Let me just say he's no Rick Moranis."

"Pigeons" will air this January at 8 pm as part of FOX's new Friday night lineup. The one hour premier will be followed by the one hour documentary, "Pigeon: Doin' Work," directed by Spike Lee, which is currently under production.

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